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OTP Authenticators

ProtectShield’s One-Time Password OTP authenticators products produce exceptionally secure one-time passwords guaranteeing that solitary appropriately validated clients are approved access to basic applications and information.

ProtectShield OTP authenticators are accessible in both time-and occasion-based forms, never terminate, and require no battery substitutions. They additionally agree to OATH measures and are perfect for remote access arrangements.

ProtectShield OTP 110

The ProtectShield OTP 110 token is an OATH-confirmed OTP equipment token that empowers multifaceted confirmation to an expansive scope of assets. Including time and occasion-based setups and waterproof packaging, the ProtectShield OTP 110 can be utilized anyplace a static secret word is utilized today, improving security and permitting administrative consistency with an expansive scope of industry guidelines.

OTP confirmation assists associations with killing the hazard related to fixed passwords and increment the security of clients get to controls actualized to ensure nearby system get to, remote system (VPN) get to, cloud-based applications, VDI, web-based interfaces, and custom applications.

ProtectShield OTP Display Card

Effectively fitting into your wallet, the ProtectShield OTP Display Card is an OATH-agreeable two-factor confirmation token structured in an advantageous charge card structure factor. With a press of a catch, the ProtectShield OTP Display Card produces a profoundly secure, one of a kind one-time password (OTP) that is connected distinctly to your card, giving a ‘what you have’ confirmation factor for secure access to any venture asset, be it cloud, online interfaces, VPNs, custom applications or virtual situations.

The OTP produced by the card can be joined with other validation factors,, for example, PINs or passwords and logical characteristics, to build affirmation levels and meet an assortment of administrative orders.

Synced with your client vault, the ProtectShield OTP Display Card makes it simple to arrange, update and renounce client consents without manual intercession. A wide choice of formats and robotized announcements encourage security reviews and consistency.


  • Simple to convey – fits into your wallet
  • Simple to utilize – press the fasten and get your OTP
  • Lifetime guarantee – Warrant for the ProtectShield OTP Display Card accommodated the whole existence of our membership, including free substitution (barring transportation to our offices and any assessments). Like all our authenticators, the token never lapses
  • Secure access to remote systems (VPNs), cloud (SaaS) applications, VDI, online interfaces and custom applications
  • Simple to make do with easy back-end arrangement, and computerized organization work processes
  • Empowers consistence with industry guidelines requiring multifaceted verification


eToken PASS

eToken PASS is a conservative and versatile one-time secret phrase (OTP) solid validation gadget that permits associations to helpfully and successfully set up OTP-based secure access to organize assets, cloud-based applications (SaaS) online interfaces, and other undertaking assets.

eToken PASS is a flexible OTP generator keyfob intended to meet the different needs of clients whose prerequisites may shift essentially over the association. It gives a solid and versatile system for executing clients to control, expanding representative efficiency and conforming to industry protection and security guidelines. Moreover, eToken PASS is field programmable, empowering associations to keep up command over their own OTP token seed information.


  • Secure remote access to systems, SaaS applications, and online administrations
  • Programmable gadgets let associations control their own OTP security information
  • Incredibly compact – clients can without much of a stretch convey the gadget any place business takes them
  • Financially savvy with easy back-end design, low upkeep, and durable battery life
  • Adaptable administration stages permit you to extend to cutting edge testament based security applications as your needs advance
  • Empowers consistence with protection guidelines


GOLD OTP Authenticator with Challenge Response

Intended to ensure personalities and secure access, ID-Readers’ ProtectShield GOLD authenticator is an exceptionally successful two-factor OTP gadget that offers the additional security of PIN insurance and challenge reaction.

Clear to utilize, yet offering an additional layer of security past standard one-time passwords, the GOLD is enacted with an individual ID number (PIN), which prompts the authenticator to give a one-time, dynamic secret key. The client at that point enters this secret phrase into the Web or system application to confirm their character.

The GOLD authenticator gives online administrations suppliers, for example, banks, installment entries and intermediaries/sellers, profoundly secure methods for offering their clients an ensured online condition for completing money related exchanges and getting to private data.

Notwithstanding offering PIN insurance, GOLD’s progressed OTP and challenge reaction capacities are intended to battle online extortion, for example, phishing, and help online specialist organizations and banks keep up secret word respectability by making it progressively hard for clients to free or offer passwords. The test reaction component expects clients to approve a numeric test on their GOLD authenticator. Simply after approval, does the GOLD produce an OTP password which is utilized to finish the validation strategy.

The GOLD authenticator is accessible with the ProtectShield Trusted Access undertaking stage. This interesting access to the board stage offers adaptability and versatility, permitting associations to halfway oversee GOLD with different ID-Readers ProtectShield authenticators, or include these later on as business needs develop. STA permits associations to tie down access to all assets and move to the cloud.


  • Secure remote access
  • Equipment PIN assurance and challenge reaction
  • Compactness
  • Enormous, easy to understand show

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