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Identity as a Service

ProtectShield Trusted Access

Offer confided in access and Smart Single Sign-On to all your applications with ProtectShield Trusted Access, way of life as-an administration.

Expanding on its honor winning multifaceted validation administration, our now offers ProtectShield Trusted Access, an instinctive access to the executives administration that makes it simple to oversee cloud and web access with single sign-on and situation based access arrangements.

Undertakings hoping to scale the arrangement of cloud and web applications over the association experience obstacles to effectively overseeing the web personalities and access security, while guaranteeing client comfort and administrative consistency.

ProtectShield Trusted Access has risen to streamline cloud personality the board, dispose of secret word bothers for IT and clients, give a solitary sheet perspective on get to occasions over your app estate and guarantee that the correct client approaches the correct application at the correct degree of trust.

ProtectShield Trusted Access – Identity as a Service

ProtectShield Trusted Access is a cloud-based access to the board administration that consolidates the comfort of cloud and web single sign-on (SSO) with granular access security. By approving personalities, upholding access strategies and applying Smart Single Sign-On, associations can guarantee secure, advantageous access to various cloud applications from one simple to-explore comfort.

ProtectShield Trusted Access benefits:

  • Quick and simple cloud access through Smart Single Sign-On
  • A solitary sheet of glass for brought together client get to control
  • Optimized security through fine-grained get to arrangements
  • Visibility into all entrance occasions for streamlined consistence
  • Secure access for accomplices and temporary workers
  • Identity-as-an administration efficiencies

See How IAM Works in the Cloud

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