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Out of Band Authentication

Conveyed by SMS instant messages or email, out of band authentication decreases the regulatory overhead of a solid validation arrangement by evacuating the need to introduce programming or appropriate equipment.

Adjustable Authentication Journey

OOB conveyance of one time passwords is one of the quickest and most straightforward approaches to arrangement solid confirmation to any client, anyplace. Once passwords (OTPs) are sent to clients by means of email or SMS instant message, giving a subsequent confirmation factor when signing in to any undertaking asset.

SMS doors, SMTP email and substance of outbound SMS content and email messages would all be able to be completely arranged and redone. Out-of-band (OOB) verification by means of SMS instant messages is offered in four distinctive working modes, giving you decision on how to deal with SMS organize inclusion variety or deferrals, and letting you characterize your client’s validation venture.

Offer greater portability to more clients, in an increasingly secure way. With over 30 years of experience, ID-Readers is genuinely the master. We can help.

Out-of-Band Solutions

ID-Readers offers out of band confirmation by means of pop-up message, email and SMS instant messages. Peruse the arrangements beneath to find out additional.

ProtectShield MobilePASS+ Out of Band Push OTP on Mobile Devices

Offering frictionless solid confirmation to many applications, including SaaS and VPNs, push validation on cell phones lets clients verify with a solitary tap of a finger on their cell phone.