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Authentication Management Platforms

ID-Readers’ Identity Access and Authentication Management Platforms:

With the proliferation of authentication solutions being deployed within organizations, the need to securely and timely manage those authenticators is paramount. Thales offers the most comprehensive identity access and authentication management systems to administer, monitor, and manage strong authentication deployments across the organization.

Thales’ Identity Access & Authentication Management Platforms:

SAS PCE conveys on premises, completely mechanized, exceptionally secure verification as-an assistance with adaptable token alternatives, for example, OTP validation, that are custom-made to the interesting needs of your association, considerably decreasing the absolute expense of activity.


Thales partners with Versasec to offer vSEC:CMS, a flexible smart card management system for enterprise deployments requiring on-premises card printing for PKI-based authentication and physical access.

vSEC:CMS is completely utilitarian with minidriver-empowered shrewd cards, for example, IDPrime MD, IDPrime PIV and ProtectShield eTokens, and streamlines all parts of a card the board by interfacing with big business indexes, authentication specialists, physical access frameworks, savvy card printers, email servers, log servers, biometric unique finger impression perusers, HSMs, PIN mailers, and so on. With vSEC:CMS associations can give savvy cards to representatives, customize the brilliant cards with validation certifications and deal with the lifecycle of the shrewd card – legitimately from the off-the-rack item. ID-Readers accomplishes with Versasec to offer this arrangement through the ID-Readers Channel Partner Network.

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