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Pattern-Based Authentication

Grid Authentication


ID-Readers’ GrIDsure adaptable verification strategy GrIDsure Logo permits an end-client to create a one-time secret phrase without the necessity for equipment tokens or programming applications. GrIDsure tokens work by giving the end-client a framework of cells which contain arbitrary characters, from which they select an ‘individual ID design’ (PIP).

At whatever point a client wishes to verify to a secured asset, they are given a test matrix containing irregular characters. The client at that point enters the characters in the cells that relate to their PIP.

The final product is far better than static passwords. Each time the test lattice shows up, the characters in the phones are extraordinary, so the client is continually entering a one-time password. In addition, there’s no equipment to lose.

GrIDsure is bolstered by ProtectShield Trusted Access, and can be utilized to ensure a wide scope of utilization cases, including:

  • VPNs
  • System logon
  • Cloud applications (Saas)
  • Web-based interfaces
  • VDI


Grid tokens can be customized to optimize the user logon experience and changing security policy.

GrIDsure Authenticator

Grid Sizes Offered:

  • 5 x 5 cells
  • 6 x 6 cells
  • 7 x 7 cells

Grid Character Sets Offered:

  • Digits
  • Upper case letters
  • Lower case letters
  • Punctuation
  • Non-Trivial PIPs

Compatible With: Any application supported by SafeNet Trusted Access, including:

  • Local network access
  • Cloud applications
  • VDI
  • VPN
  • Web Portals

Key Features:

  • Usability: Grid token is easy to use in any user population.
  • Zero Footprint: There is no hardware to distribute and no client software to install or maintain.
  • Ideal for Partner and Consultant access: GrIDsure is easy to use and to provision, making it ideal for securing external user access. Provision GrIDSure to external partners and contractors to secure access to partner portals or collaboration sites, without the hassle of shipping hardware tokens or installing software tokens.
  • Cost Effective: This low cost solution becomes even more attractive because there’s no administrative overhead with provisioning users with tokens.

Key Benefits:

  • Pattern based “PIP” are easier to remember than PINs
  • Characters in the Grid change for each logon
  • No software to install or maintain
  • No hardware to distribute
  • Ideal for protecting web-based applications

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