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USB PKI Tokens & Its Different Models

USB PKI Tokens are smart security devices that can be used for authentication by storing and/or creating credentials and secure data such as passwords or private keys.

USB PKI Tokens used multi-factor authentication and is an essential tool for organizations that need to keep their data secure and safe.

The device can be used to store login credentials, passwords, remote terminal, and access keys and passwords. Furthermore can be even used for advanced features that include digital signatures, data encryption, email encryption, and network access.

It comes in 2 Models:

  • ProtectShield eToken 5110:

A powerful tool for storing credentials for remote and network access. It also can be used for storing certified digital signatures and pre-boot authentication.

  • ProtectShield eToken 5300:

It is a strong and tamper-resistant device and creates a third form factor of authentication.

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